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In the mood for romance

Just in case you forgot, February 14th is this Sunday, and is Valentine’s Day. And if you really did forget to do something special over the weekend, Chinese Valentine’s Day (Yuan Xiao), is on Feb 22.

Besides the usual flowers and candlelight dinner, why not impress your lover further with a nicely decorated bedroom that underscores your passion? The best part? It will cost you way less than your flower bouquets and fancy dinners, yet score big for effort and surprise element.

You will be surprised how your bedroom can be transformed in just seconds with the right items, such as candles, rose petals, and even a simple change of bedsheets.

Here are our 3 suggestions:

1. The Die-hard Romantic

A scented, candlelit room is a foolproof way to lift up the atmosphere and give it a sensual ambiance. Go for those scented candles with aphrodisiac properties such as ylang ylang, sandalwood, rosemary, bergamot or geranium, for a great night of romance! You can purchase reasonably priced scented candles from Spotlight or Ikea.

To spice things up further, scatter loose rose petals on the bedsheet. For a stronger visual impact, spell “I love you” or your partner’s name with them. While bouquet prices skyrocket during this period, the price for loose petals is still pretty reasonable. You can save a few more bucks by purchasing them from your neighbourhood heartland florists instead of heading to the malls.

If you are good with words, write a stack of heart-shaped post-it notes (you can get them easily from the stationery store) for your loved one. Imagine the look on her face when she walk into the house and find a trail of pink hearts with words like “You complete me”, “You are the best” written on them, from the doorway all the way to the bedroom door. Not to mention the pleasant surprise you have prepared for her behind that door! This will definitely be one memorable Valentine’s Day for both of you.

2. The Textile Lover

If scented candles and rose petals are not your thing, go for a textile makeover instead. Change your curtains and bedsheets to a soft pink or those pretty heart prints to freshen up the look, and give it a more romantic feel.

You can get them for a fraction of the cost from Spotlight and Ikea, and while you are there shopping, pick up some cutesy heart-shaped cushions, potpourri and wall decals for an additional touch too.

Instead of buying candles, you can also re-purpose those Christmas lights in the storeroom, and string them around your headboard to turn up the romance factor. To keep the lighting soft and not overly festive (this is not Christmas’ Day after all), you can wrap those tiny bulbs with coloured cellophane paper.

3. The DIY Master

Love to DIY? What better time to display your talents than on Valentine’s Day itself! Print out your favourite couple memories, and frame them up on the bedroom wall, with strings of handmade paper heart garlands. Alternatively, you can cut the photos into hearts, thread them together and hang them like a banner above the headboard.

One of our favourite tricks involves recycling condensed milk tin cans. After you have washed them clean, pierce a heart-shaped pattern on the outer surface with a hammer and nail. Once done, place a lit candle in it, adjust the projected heart-shaped design on the wall accordingly, and voila!

Learn how to fold paper flowers from those online origami tutorial videos, and impress your date further with a bed full of them. Not forgetting some soft romantic music playing in the background to end your Valentine’s Day on a good note.

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